Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Blackberry Art of Smart viral

BlackBerry wanted to engage with the consumer and deliver a microsite and viral film using the BlackBerry Curve. Some sort of challenge would be a good route. We created the look and user experience of the microsite, and the concept for the film through to Art Direction and storyboard. The opening scene was set in an underground car park a leather clad biker arrives, gets off and walks towards camera, into full frame, holding out a blackBerry curve with the challenge for you on the screen.

The Art of Smart was a good title for this viral, obviousy playing on what you and the BlackBerry Curve can achieve when using some of its apps.Interactive viral film. Are you up for a challenge, using BackBerry apps to get from London to Paris for dinner for two at 7pm.

At various stages in the film you have options to click on, one would be a particular app [google maps] if you make the wrong call the film would play out a different scenario.

When you completed the challenge, there was a product range and a promotion where you could win a trip to Paris and various other offers.