Monday, 24 June 2013

Vodafone Red Business ATL

Fully integrated campaign for Vodafone Red Business

Unlimited calls unlimited texts, and a landline on your mobile. Why limit yourself? 

Blue collar businesses were targeted, painters and decorators, window cleaners, working on iconic british structures. The first idea was The Forth Bridge. As the saying goes, 'by the time they have finished painting the Forth bridge it is ready to be done again'. 

The second was The Sage in Newcastle. We chose window cleaners for this route. Two guys turning up with a huge amount of soap suds needed.

The bridge was a breeze to shoot as the weather was perfect for october, The Sage, was the wettest shoot I have directed. An integrated campaign was created, ATL, press, digital.

here are some ideas with slightly different propositions that didn't make it

The surveyor, gardener, estate agent...

The use of a strong red visual element, and going that exra mile, was an early route which won us the pitch