Monday, 15 July 2013

Chevrolet Launch

Launching nine new cars into Europe

I was Creative Director on the European launch. What a job, I loved every difficult minute of it. We had to move quickly and build a strong team, and very early into the project I had the
opportunity to direct a €450,000 shoot in Los Angeles, others followed in other fantastic parts of the world. Delivering a fully integrated campaign for press, print, digital,dm, retail, print and also TV.

From the land of opportunities a well known brand loved throughout the US was launching into Europe, 'Make it Happen' seamed a strong positioning, for a wide market with segmentation covered, from small city cars to SUV's and high performance super cars.

The style of photography was natural, energetic with very subtle nods to americana, I wanted to limit HDR domes and CGI wire frames for a visual point of difference, and definitely no bought in backplates.

The NEW look print

Press ad

digital retail velocity download 


Taking the Above the Line campaign idea and migrating it to the digital space.
The idea quite simply was to explore the Warehouse of opprtunity and find one you or a friend would like. Share and engage in the experience by posting the opportunity and getting people to like., the more likes the more chance you would have of getting the experience for real via Chevrolet.

Opportuniteis were categorised to each of the car lines so for example if it was a adventure outdoors it would be powered by the New Chevrolet Captiva.

30 second TV