Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nectar Double Value Exchange Promotion

Get Double the fun this summer with the Nectar Double Value Exchange

A nice little promotion for Nectar summer rewards. DM, online, email, press, Video on demand. We came up with the twins idea to playfully engage the Double aspect of this promotion. The casting sessions was hilarious and also very strange, on the couch were 30 sets of twins from all over the country, ages ranged from 50 yr olds all the way down to our two little stars you see here.

Also for double the wow we, put together a bloopers reel, and shared it with Nectar customers.

Promotion results

Nectar's redemption target was 60,000, and we achieved 210,000

An identity was created using 2 spheres splitting into two, popping into life as online banners.  

A story was told showing the moment of enjoyment linking with Nectar's partner brands, VUE Cinema, Homebase, Café Rouge, Legoland, Nectar Swim, to name a few.