Friday, 22 November 2013

Nectar Megapoints Event

A nice warm summer promotion for Nectar 
which achieved the best results to date!

Sometimes the best jobs, are the ones you start with a blank sheet of paper. From creating the promotion ident, to storyboarding, to directing the shoot, thanks Simon.

 20 sec TV


A 20 second spot showing everyday scenarios that have been abandoned by their
participants ... with humorous consequences. Obviously rushing to get their points!

The ‘Drop everything’ idea connects well with Nectar cardholders and the wider British sense of humour, by exaggerating a simple call to action. Nectar is a much-liked brand that isn’t always on our screens, so we rushed at the chance to create something different and memorable. Shot with honesty and a nod to real life showing everyday scenarios being abandoned with humorous consequences was seen as a simple yet engaging idea that Nectar can own. It’s a huge step away from the shouty, abrupt promotional formula other brands have often used and shows Nectar’s playful personality.

Nectar asked us to think about a simple mnemonic device to accompany future ads. Routed in the brand  proposition is connected rewards, referring to the vast array of experiences, rewards, you can now get with 500 Nectar partner brands. A simple animation was created showing golden spheres coming together to form the Nectar logo, with a bright uplifting sonic.

 other ideas in the mix