Friday, 4 December 2015


Brand Activation for Jabra targeting B2C and B2B market, where there is a growth opportunity for 2016. 

Makers and innovators of High Performance Premium Headsets, for offices & call centres with noise-cancellation or a Bluetooth sports headset with heart rate monitor for your next run.


Create a unique visual space that allows Jabra to be the brand to consider for B2B and consumer markets


Noise is all around us. We cannot choose whether or not to hear sound, but there is a huge difference between hearing and actually listening. When it's clear, you perform better, you can focus.

When we focus we actively choose what we hear. And for over 145 years Jabra has been creating products designed to help us do just that.


With this focus, we are empowered, confident and can perform at our very best. And this all comes about because we can simply... Listen.

Ident for Jabra Brand positioning

Logo using Jabra product as 'screamer'

Brand comms for Jabra

Take out: Jabra helps you focus. When everything around you is unclear.

 B2B and Consumer key visuals

Digital and social 

Audio posters. Listen to Alhena and others

Pivotal idea using digital and social channels partnering with Amnesty International and associated charities

Jabra give people without a voice, a voice, that can heard by all. A series of compelling, moving and thought provoking stories of achievement through adversity. From high profile sports stars, the likes of Micheal Jordan and broadening out to Alhena's story, as seen above.

Audio Visual installation for CES in Las Vegas. Individual sound pods, make your own noise or listen to your favourite tracks with Jabra

Silent buskers perform. You can only listen with Jabra headsets

Jabra product ads

Direct Mail 

To decision makers, a box with the Jabra Evolve 65, plug into the audio jack and listen

Digital sales aids

The Short Film