Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Vodafone Business Premier Campaign


Campaign results after 2 weeks
Business Premier campaign
•Media to date reached 7.9 million users and 2.28 frequency across digital
•Retail footfall sees 60k WoW increase culminating in a 41% uplift on sales compared to same week in June
• Sales of Business Premier significant increase from June average of 28.4% to 36.6%
wc 4th July whilst inbound calls hold steady WoW
•OOH is now finished after delivering 161m impacts and 320 GRP. Radio is in it’s 4th and penultimate week and delivered total of 83.9m impacts so far
•Search of ‘Vodafone Business’ 10% more impressions, 28% more clicks and 17% improvement in CTR since campaign went live.