Friday, 28 July 2017

NHS flu vaccine campaign

Parents are time poor, but savvy, they have developed skills that enable them to pack as much in as they can in order to get through their busy days. Time is of the essence, merging the school run, coffee with friends and popping in to see mum and dad, oh and getting that document completed and sent off to the boss before twelve. Using short cuts to get the best deals online, and knowing where to get those trainers Billy wants. Parents don’t want anything to upset this delicate balance and neither has the child. They haven’t got time.

Turn that thought on its head and look at this from their child’s point of view, and you have an engaging territory. Kids want to cram it all in as well, to play and learn and not miss out on anything. Photography by Gary Salter

The Flu virus is a bully, and bullies are everywhere, no more so than the playground. Kids hate bullies, you can’t see them at first, they hide and when they pounce it’s to late. Bullies love to attack during the most important time of a kids life. A bully can exclude them from their real friends and stop them from doing the things they really love. This does not only effect the child but the parents to. Stand up against Flu.